The world has been witnessing the rapid spread of software startups around different corners of the globe. A combination of infrastructure development, such as cloud computing, mobile software development, and easy-to-use tools have significantly accelerated the rise of software startups by reducing the cost of doing it. Besides, an increasing number of accelerators, incubators, and mentors provide the “know-how” of doing a startup, contributing to a growing number of software startups.

landscape-styria-austria-chapel-church-ruralThis workshop intends to bring together the technological, methodological, and operational perspectives on software startups. The aim of the workshop is to gather industrial and academic minds together to explore the potentials and synergies underlying these perspectives. As a result of the session, participants will have a clearer understanding of the current research activities and future directions in software startup research worldwide.

The International Workshop on Software Startups (IWSS) is the annual workshop of the Ssoftware20startups-logo-blackoftware Startup Research Network that aims at spreading novel research findings in the context of software startup and informing entrepreneurs with necessary knowledge, tools and methods to minimise threats and maximise chances of successes. This year the 3rd  IWSS will integrate with The SE4S special session at the EuroMicro SEAA conference (http://dsd-seaa2017.ocg.at/index.html), meaning that submissions for IWSS should also go to this joint SE4SU &IWSS session